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Polishing, drilling, acrylic processing, cutting, đetruction, rock polishing, sack packing & sealing, cut grinding, sander, metal processing and ect.


 24-hour operation (Air PulseJet shake off type)

 Cleaning the filter using by compressed air coming in a reverse way throuth a tube from air tank. It provides you a constant work process and extended filter life.

·         Our air pulse type dust collector provides you a constant/manual dust removing available using compressed air.

Enlarged cartridge type filter 

·         Hiring cartridge filtering structure, you can get enlarged filtering area and improved dust collection.

·         Applying varios filter materials, enables proper dust collection in any type of dust.

·         Cartridge type provides you a convenient filter replacement.

·         One-touch type attach and detach device. (industrial property application).

Convenient Installation 

·         Caster and handle provide a convenience for you to move to your desired locations.

·         Both right and left side inlet available.


·         Compact and powerful high-performance turbo fan is built in the upper part of body.

Aps (Air Pulse System) Panel

·         Hiring our new dust level sensor provides you the best suction control and dust removal.


·         Please use the compress air to clean up the filter and connect the compressed air line before cleaning.

·         This is a dry type dust collector. Prevent from inhalation of any moisture, oily material, and flames.

·         Make a perfect ground to prevent an electrical hazard.

·         If you are working with explosive materials (aluminum, titanium, epoxy, organic thing and ect), please contact us before using the machine.

·         If the flame occurs during processing such as metal cutting, please install PRE DUSTER before use.




·         Voltage: 220/380V, Single-phase/Three-phases

·         5M long power cord (4C cable)

·         Specification may be changed for product improvement